Who we are

International charity organization established in 1984 in the emirate of Ajman by an Emiri decree issued from the court of his highness sheikh Humaid bin Rashid Al Nuaimi -the member of the supreme council and the ruler of Ajman. International charity organization is considered one of the leading organizations in charity and humanitarian fields as it fulfills and undertakes it principles and duties in improving life quality and providing the needy with their needs. further the organization looking forward achieving the necessary comprehensive development tools to create healthy environment and decent life for the needy by it multiple projects that are executing in and outside the country that are abide by international and a human values.

Towards a pioneering charitable work that serves our humanitarian mission and honorable values

International charity organization has distinguished it presence in the charitable and humanitarian fields locally and internationally. International humanitarian and charity organization obtained a consultative status in the economic and social council of the united nations and a permanent membership in the Islamic council for advocacy and relief on Cairo. The organization became an observer in the international fund for agricultural development {IGAD} and a member in the world council of voluntary organizations (ICVA) the organization has signed several agreements with the agricultural and food organization {FAO} and the world food program {WFP}.