Aid Request Portal

Distinguished gentlemen, may God protect you:
We would like to inform you that requests for aid will be received via electronic registration on the International Charitable Organization website (the aid portal), and we apologize for receiving any requests manually, according to the data below:
* The first of every calendar month at 5:00 PM for citizens only. (Citizens of the Emirates of Ajman and Ras Al Khaimah only).
* The second of every calendar month at 5:00 pm for residents only. (Residents of the Emirates of Ajman and Ras Al Khaimah only).
The file is considered canceled in the following cases:
* Failure to provide the required documents after the researcher communicated with the case via (phone - text messages - WhatsApp) within a period not exceeding 4 working days.
* Registering the case on a day other than the day designated for it, for example (registering the resident on the day designated for the citizen, and vice versa).
* Recording cases from the Ajman branch in Ras Al Khaimah and vice versa.
* Recording men’s cases under women’s and vice versa.
* Lack of clarity in case documents.
* A calendar year has not been completed since the last aid was received.

* In requesting rental assistance: Only rental cases are accepted, and we apologize for not receiving rent arrears or dues.
* It is necessary for the file owner to personally review the researcher, for example (the breadwinner of the family), due to its importance.
It is necessary to bring a financial statement from Al Etihad Credit Bureau

* It is necessary to bring a bank statement or a receipt for transferring the salary to one of the exchange companies (example: Al Ansari - Al Fardan - Al Fouad... etc.)
* The importance of bringing updated documents whose validity does not exceed 30 days.