Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ):

1. ICO working hours are:

- ICO administrations work from Sundays to Thursdays (7:30 am- 2:30pm)

- Receiving donation from Saturdays to Wednesdays (7:30 am – 8:30pm)

- Receiving donations on Thursdays (7:30 am – 2:30 pm) Contact: 8005666


2. Are there any branches for ICO in the UAE? Is it possible to contact ICO representatives in the UAE?

- The main seat is at Ajman- Khalifa bin Zaid Street.

- Al-Jurf branch

- Ras-Al-Khaimah branch

– Al-Khuzam area

It is possible to contact HAI’s representatives all over the UAE.


3. Can I receive ICO latest projects and campaigns news?

You can join our service of WhatsApp via 0509586646


4. How can I apply to get ICO support?

To apply for support, click here.


5. When can I submit my online application?

Applications for support are accepted on the first week of each month and application is generally closed once we get a enough applications.


6. What documents shall I attach?

- Fill the form of the required support.

- A copy of the passport and the residency documents for all and each of the family members (residents only)

- A copy of the ID cards in one page (citizens and residents).

- A new salary statement for all working members in the family and/ or a letter of unemployment for other members

- A proof of social marital status: married/ divorced/ abandoned/ widowed/ embracing children/ needs stipend…etc.

- A statement declaring school fees. - A medical report explaining the cost of the medical treatment.

- A bank statement for the past three months. - Electricity and water bills.

- A certified rent contract with a letter from the retail office as well as copies of the checks for rent payment or house ownership.


7. What are the conditions for sponsoring an orphan at ICO?

There are some conditions for an orphan to be sponsored by ICO. The most important are to prove being in need for support and to live in a place where our field office can offer support and follow-up. It is also a must for an orphan not to exceed 15 years old.


8. When does ICO stop orphan’s sponsorship?

ICO stops sponsoring an orphan when s/he becomes 18 years old. At this stage, it should be possible for him/ her to depend on themselves while the chance should be given to another needy orphan. Further, ICO stops sponsoring the female orphan who got married as well as those who move to live in another place where it is difficult for ICO teams to reach. New orphans will replace them after consulting the sponsors.


9. Where does ICO sponsors orphans?

ICO sponsors orphans in 14 countries including the UAE, Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Sudan, Senegal, Niger, Kosovo, Bosnia, Kyrgyz, India, Bangladesh and Indonesia.


10. Can I follow the orphan whom I sponsor?

Orphans’ sponsorship administration is one of the most developed administrations at ICO. It is embowered by modern electronic system that offers close follow-up for the orphans through more than 300 supervisors. IHCO will offer you an annual report to get briefed about the orphan’s health, educational and social development. An orphan’s photo and a letter of thanks and appreciation will be attached to each report.


11. How can I know about the needs of the orphan?

ICO orphans care department will undertake an annual search about the orphan’s conditions as well as his family to cover the essential needs of decent life including furniture, electric devices, maintaining houses, offering medical treatment, prevention and vaccination, paying tuition and offering school fully- equipped bags.


12. What does ICO mean by comprehensive orphan care?

Taking care of the orphans and their mothers covers all life aspects of and is carried out by specialists including social experts. It can be briefed as follows:

Orphan’s environment:

This program offers the possibility of renovating an orphan’s house or completing the construction as well as providing all required water supplies such as food parcels and electricity devices.


Orphan’s health:

This program offers urgent health care such as providing partial assistance to help poor families who do not have the ability to afford for the cost urgent surgeries. Further, HAI offers the comprehensive medical check as well as preventive measures and raising awareness lectures.

Orphan’s education:

Orphans receive support in covering their tuition as well as following their educational performance. Hence, ICO arranges private tutoring for those in need. ICO also celebrates the distinctive performance of talented orphans. Moreover, computer courses and English training courses are also offered; furthermore, literacy fighting courses are also organized for those in need amongst other services.

Social care:

Various social activities are designed including visiting orphans’ houses and taking them out in entertaining trips in addition to supporting orphans during their personal occasions.


13. What is the program of productive families?

The orphan’s family is granted a small loan that should be paid back during five years as a maximum period. The goal is to help poor families to achieve self-dependency.


14. What is ICO goal of all these projects?

Our aim is to help orphans to depend on themselves for future life.


13. What is the program of productive families?

The orphan’s family is granted a small loan that should be paid back during five years as a maximum period. The goal is to help poor families to achieve self-dependency.


15. What are ICO achievements in this field?

Reaching the end of 2018, HAI carried out more than 2020 projects worldwide.