vision & Mission


The organization is willing to stay as a leader in the charity, development and humanitarian fields.


Implement and create developmental projects to achieve a happy environment for societies with other partners by supporting orphans and people in need.


    1. Honesty
    2. Royalty and transparency
    3. Justice and equality
    4. Creativity and initiatives
    5. Constant developing


    1. Sustainable development in health, educational and economical fields for societies.
    2. Providing care of orphans and abstinent families.
    3. Creating a humanitarian and charitable project.
    4. Helping and caring for refugees.
    5. Developing and enhancing the charitable endowments {trusts} projects.
    6. Shifting toward a smarter method of service providing in charitable and humanitarians fields.
Towards a pioneering charitable work that serves our humanitarian mission and honorable values