Balqees Dulitch, PhD in Education

Bosnia and Herzegowina

When her father passed, the mother, with two children: Balqees (6 years) and her brither (2 years), worked hard to raise her chidren. The mother, Shams Dulitch, was an employed orphans’ supervisor at IHCO.

In 2009, Balqees finished her higher education in Bihatch City with distinctive success where she immediately worked as an instructor provided that she fulfills her education. She joined the philosophy college in Croatia Republic where she studies her M.A and finished her PhD in 2016. It is worth noting that she her brother has followed her steps as he has an M.A in Geography and intends to fulfill his education.

Shams, the mother of the orphans, extends her warm thanks and deep appreciation to IHCO for its unconditioned constant support along these years.